Aeva McPherson

Full Name:
Piper Georgia Kingston McPherson
Real Worlder

Aeva is the main character of The Pillow Game. She’s an aspiring novelist, and writing is the only medium of creative expression that she truly feels she is talented at — despite her secret wish to be a technical genius, swords-master and artist.

Her grandfather, with whom she was very close before he died, called her Aeva, though no one really knows the origin of the nickname or why he chose to call her that. After his death, Piper begins to use Aeva as her alias when indulging in her imaginary worlds. At the beginning of the series, she has just turned twenty-five years old. She is loosely based on Jo Wilson — who makes no apologies for the fact that she is rather blatantly a Mary Sue.

Standing roughly five feet, five inches off the ground, Aeva has long black hair that comes down just past the middle of her back, and a slender but curvy frame. Her eyes are gold — technically, they are amber hazel — and her eyes the most expressive part of her face. She has enviably clear skin with golden undertones in her complexion. Her full lips on her small mouth are rarely any color other than their natural shade of peachy pink, but she isn’t above using lip-gloss to give them a candy-coated sheen. And resting on the bridge of her narrow, cute-as-a-button nose are her signature black plastic-rimmed glasses.

Aeva has an eclectic fashion sense, but she spends most of her time barefooted, wearing a corded tank-top over a pair of baggy drawstring pajama bottoms — paired with an oversized hoodie if she’s cold. When she’s hanging outdoors, you’ll probably find her in jeans (or denim shorts) and a form-fitting graphic T-shirt, and a pair of Converse wrapping her feet. While casually out in public, this is when you’ll see her wearing anything and everything from a trendy blouse, designer jeans and strappy heels to a form-fitting, high fashion leather jacket over a pleated mini with knee-high PVC boots — it all depends on her mood. On more formal occasions, she prefers classic, relatively plain elegance to anything super trendy, over-the-top or scandalously creative.

Aeva likes to live in her own imagination. She still considers herself an aspiring novelist despite giving up on that dream because her family told her to. She’s playful and extremely intelligent, however she can be very absent minded, easily distracted by her creative passions as she is. Aeva is an extremely loyal person; loyal to her friends, to her favorite things, and she is loyal to herself. She’s generous and giving, but she is also autonomous and self-respecting. Aeva is can be very private, and most people would say she’s mysterious. She usually keeps her true emotions to herself, investing them in her fantasy worlds and fictional characters instead of openly expressing them.

First Appearance:
Imaginary Friends
Ep. 1: “Through the Looking Glass”